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I will participate!

So I took white pants and a white T-shirt with me to the next training session, I was insecure and really excited. Luckily I met one of the adults training with me in front of the hall and asked him what it was like to train with the children and especially with the looks of the waiting adults who were sitting on the bench behind them. He said:

“It's good and it's fun”.

So I went to the trainer, totally excited and with a very red face, and hesitantly asked if I could join in too. He said:

“Then next time bring sports equipment and join in!”

When I said that I already had things with me, he asked me what I was waiting for. I changed and stood at the orange line to greet them. When I was warming up, I was repeatedly told that I didn't have to do anything like the crab walk, the quadruped walk and crawling through my legs, after all I was a little older and was definitely bright red. Probably no one dared to say that I was too heavy and felt ancient. I felt terribly stupid and was probably laughed at by one or the other. And then the training began with the first small movements of Oi - Zuki and Gedan - Barai. In the end I was completely broken, overly happy and completely overexcited.


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