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I, born in 1970 in the formerGDR and mother of 3 children, would like to tell you how I came to the world at the age of 45I got into karate, what hurdles I had to overcome and how it became onePassion became.

During my school days II actively did gymnastics and later tried out athletics. AlreadyI was always too short for my weight and that's why it was astrenuous path to my district championship title. At the end of the 10th gradeI stopped all training and concentrated on my new onestage of life.

In 2016, 30 years later, I have itI discovered sport again and I hope that I will continue to train for a very long timecan.


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So I took white pants and a white T-shirt with me to the next training session, I was insecure and really excited. Luckily I met one of the adults training with me in front of the hall and asked him w


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